Eric MSA

Eric and Colin both live with multiple system atrophy (MSA)

Eric, 59, was upset to be told he had Parkinson’s and adjusted his life accordingly. Two years later he discovered that he had multiple system atrophy, a life limiting degenerative disease. This was after being turned down for life insurance, and receiving a correct diagnosis from the neurologist at the next appointment.

A very active man, he worked and supported people with learning difficulties to become skilled and find work in the community as well as coaching a football team. Eric has been married 7 years to his second wife Angie, without whom, Eric says he wouldn’t have been able to cope.

“I have completely lost my independence, and socialising, even with the family, is now far more difficult. MSA has robbed me of my life.”

Colin, 51, of Bourne in Lincolnshire went through three years of tests before being diagnosed with MSA. The married father of four young children Colin had never heard of MSA and is upset that it took so long to get a diagnosis and wants more research done.

Colin feels cheated to have MSA; he finds living with the symptoms difficult and it’s especially hard for his young family seeing him choke and unable to swallow.

“You don’t think it’s going it’s going to happen to you. You don’t think you’re going to die early. It’s a really horrible disease.”

For more information about MSA, visit the Multiple System Atrophy Trust.

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