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Decision-making increasingly takes place at a local level. Regional groups and individuals play a vital role in representing the views of those with neurological conditions at health and care meetings and in campaigning for improved services in their localities. Local commissioners may prefer to deal with well-informed, local umbrella organisations and individuals that can help drive a considered and balanced agenda efficiently.

A national network will provide vital opportunities for regional groups to share good practice, experience, ideas and successes. The Neurological Alliance believes that working in partnership with a vibrant network of regional groups covering the whole of England is the only way to ensure that conversations at national level about health and social care policy are informed by the lived experience of people with neurological conditions.

We urgently need to increase coverage in England so that in every county there is an regional group able to engage with commissioners of health and social care services. This will enable more people living with a neurological condition to bring their specialist knowledge to the task of improving services and enable them to effectively represent the needs of service users and work towards appropriate provision of patient-centred services.

The aims of a regional groups to:

  • Campaign for consistently high quality neurological care
  • Campaign for UK leadership and investment into neurological research
  • Link the whole neurological community to ensure the service user voice is heard in the design, delivery and monitoring of local services
  • Increase understanding of neurological conditions and of the lives of people with neurological conditions
  • Execute effective governance and management.

To find out where the groups currently exist click here.

To find out more about what the groups have achieved read their report, Stronger Together.

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