Hospital stay

This page answers the following questions:

How long will I have to wait to go into hospital?
What happens if I have any problems during my stay?
What happens when I leave hospital?

How long will I have to wait to go into hospital?

As an inpatient (staying overnight in hospital) or day case patient (where no overnight stay is necessary) you should expect to wait no more than six months from the time the ‘decision to admit’ was made, to your stay in hospital. However, these are maximum waiting times and many people will be seen sooner.

What happens if I have any problems during my stay?

Hospitals will try to keep you informed about your treatment. As hospitals are busy places this is not always apparent, but you should remember that staff welcome your questions. Every Hospital Trust has a Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS). This service will be able to assist you with any major problems that may arise during your stay.

What happens when I leave hospital?

Hospital staff should work together to make sure that your care and support needs have been identified before you leave hospital. The nurses and doctors will talk to you about what will happen next and who you can contact in an emergency. A written discharge plan may be agreed with you. Your GP should be sent a copy of this plan by the hospital.

Questions to consider asking hospital staff before leaving hospital

  • If I need additional help at home where do I get this?
  • Who will have overall responsibility for my care once I leave hospital?
  • If I have any concerns about my condition who do I contact?
  • Will I need any rehabilitation?
  • Will I need to spend any further time in hospital?
  • For how long will I need to take my medication?
  • Are there any changes I need to make to my lifestyle?
  • Can I still drive?
  • Are there any local support groups I can contact?
  • Can I still work?
  • If so when can I go back to work?
  • When will I see my specialist again?
  • Do I have to contact my GP or will my GP contact me?

People with long-term neurological conditions living at home should have access to a comprehensive range of rehabilitation, advice and support services to meet continuing and changing needs, increase independence and autonomy, and help them to live as they wish.

You may have had contact with a social worker whilst in hospital. If you think you will need help from social services after you leave hospital; you can ask hospital staff to contact a social worker for you. If you need ongoing care at home community nurses can be arranged for you through your GP’s practice. You may be referred to community rehabilitation services.

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