4th August 2010

Review of Neurological Alliance priorities and organisational structure

The Trustee’s of the Neurological Alliance undertook a review of the key role of the Alliance in May-July 2010. The aims of this review were to consider the key role of the Alliance, how to focus activity on this role and to inform decisions about the recruitment of the Chief Executive.

In-depth conversations were held with staff, all Trustees, RNAs and other individuals representing a range of stakeholder interests and information. Views gathered were considered by the Board in July.

The conclusion of this exercise was that the key aim of the Alliance is to campaign as one voice for improvements to the care of people with a neurological condition. The vision is to continue to drive up the quality of neurological services described in guidance such as the National Services Framework for long-term neurological conditions.

To achieve this aim the Alliance will focus on the following:

  • Gathering and sharing intelligence for the benefit of all members, including RNAs;
  • Working with members to develop common themes;
  • Presenting a collective voice to campaign nationally on agreed positions.

The Board concluded that all activity and resources should be focused tightly on the key aim and these functions. Thoughts to achieve a wider remit are not feasible in the current economic climate, nor desirable given risk of dilution of the key aim and central strength – unanimously agreed as being ‘one voice’.

The Neurological Alliance will shortly be recruiting a permanent full time Chief Executive to forward the key aim and an immediate priority will be to ensure, with members (including RNAs), full assessment and analysis of the impact of the current changes within the NHS and the development the Alliances’ future strategy.

Regional Neurological Alliances (RNAs) have a key role in influencing policy and practice at local level, a role which is likely to be ever more important going forward in the new policy environment. The Neurological Alliance will maintain its key relationship with RNAs as affiliated members and value their perspective in developing the ‘one voice’ described above.

The Regional Neurological Alliance project is a three year Department of Health funded project with the aim of developing a network of RNAs across England. The Board will assess options to gain the maximum impact from the final year of this project within the context of the new policy environment and to ensure a sustainable, long-term legacy from the work.

More information

For any question or further information please contact Katie Smith, Chief Executive (Internal) or Clare Moonan, Chief Executive (External) on 020 75840635 or at katie.smith@neural.org.uk or clare.moonan@neural.org.uk.

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