1st August 2012

New report on improving outcomes for people with neurological conditions

Today, we published a new report, Intelligent Outcomes: Applying the health and social care reforms to improve outcomes for people with neurological conditions. Produced in collaboration with MHP Health Mandate, this report identifies a range of neurology outcomes and warns that, without their inclusion in the quality and accountability architecture of the reformed NHS, the new system will not be capable of delivering urgent improvements in neurology services and outcomes.

Intelligent Outcomes reveals the concerning underrepresentation of neurology in the key mechanisms through which outcomes will be enhanced from April 2013, including the near total omission of neurology from the two most significant NHS accountability frameworks. This is in spite of the recent assessments of neurology services by both the Public Accounts Committee and National Audit Office as beset by unacceptable variations, increasing emergency hospital admissions, delays in diagnosis and poor information provision and representing poor value for money.
Informed by an expert policy round table held in April 2012 and drawing on contributions from across the Neurological Alliance’s membership, Intelligent Outcomes defines a range of outcomes that matter to people with neurological conditions and makes a suite of recommendations to promote the active engagement of all levels of the health and social care service in enhancing neurological outcomes, from clinical commissioning groups to the NHS Commissioning Board. Key recommendations include:
  • Appointment of a lead public health observatory for neurology to lead the way in gathering information about the outcomes that matter in neurology
  • The development of key indicators and quality metrics relating to neurological services for inclusion in the NHS and Adult Social Care Outcomes Frameworks
  • The development of a national survey for people with neurological conditions to gather insights into the care experienced by patients

Arlene Wilkie, Chief Executive of the Neurological Alliance said:

“There are now 8 million people with a neurological condition in England and this number is set to rise significantly over the next decade. If the NHS reforms do not address poor standards of care for people with neurological conditions then they will fail. The Government has said that managing health reforms should be all about outcomes but it has failed to identify the outcomes which matter to people with neurological conditions Without these crucial accountability measures, it is difficult to see how improvements will be measured.

“The Neurological Alliance has brought together experts to develop a range of outcome measures which matter to patients. We want to work with the NHS to ensure they are adopted, giving people with neurological conditions confidence that the health service is committed to improving outcomes for them.”

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