26th July 2012

Clinical networks for neurology announced

The NHS Commissioning Board has confirmed that it will be establishing a srategic cinical ntwork (SCN) covering neurological conditions, dementia and mental health.

The network under which neurology sits is one of only four SCNs announced, with the other three allocated to cancer, maternity and children’s services and cardiovascular disease.

In response Arlene Wilkie, Chief Executive of the Neurological Alliance, said:

“The announcement of a SCN covering neurology is absolutely fantastic news which will ensure that there will be NHS funded and administered networks across England dedicated to enhancing services for all people with neurological conditions. In giving neurology recognition and priority at national level, the SCN represents the single most important development for neurology to date under the new health and social care system and will play a crucial role in the future of neurological care.

“Since clinical networks were confirmed last summer as a core element of the reformed NHS, we have recognised their potential to address the key challenges neurology faces, from delayed diagnosis to lack of service integration, and have championed the need for neurology clinical networks. There can be no doubt whatsoever that it is a credit to the neurological community’s tireless work, both through our ‘better deal for neurology’ campaign and recent report on the case for a neurology SCN, that we have been allocated one of only four SCNs.

“I look forward to working to make sure that our SCN delivers positive and sustained change for the 8 million people with a neurological condition in England”

Download The Way Forward – Strategic Clinical Networks.

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