4th June 2014

Neurological Alliance supports new Think Local Act Personal vision to transform public services

Almost 50 leading health, care and housing organisations, including the Neurological Alliance, have partnered up to transform public service delivery to promote people’s independence and wellbeing.

Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) – a national partnership that started in 2011 and aims to transform the way care services are delivered – has expanded and secured further commitments from new organisations that cover the health, housing and children’s sectors. This comes on the back of renewed support from government, with further grant funding secured for the next year.

TLAP’s new partnership agreement Working together for personalised, community-based care and support 2014-17 is published today. It sets out a new vision for personalisation based on what people have said is a priority, following the enormous changes to the care and health sector since 2011.

Arlene Wilkie, Chief Executive said:

“The Neurological Alliance welcomes this agreement as an important step towards delivering personalised, community-based, integrated support based around individual wellbeing. Good support developed in this way will promote better outcomes and lives for those with care, health and support needs.”

Speaking about the agreement, Care Services Minister Norman Lamb said:

“I welcome today’s new partnership agreement, which brings together almost 50 national organisations, committed to drive forward a shared vision for personalisation and community-based support, a vision which I personally share. Personalisation is at the heart of the changes we need to see across our health and care system and is central to the Care Act now passed into law… I particularly welcome the focus on taking a personalised approach to delivering coordinated care… People should be able to expect the same focus on their independence, the same regard for their wishes and the same opportunities to make choices and to take control, whether they have a long term health condition or a social care need, a mental health problem or a learning disability. Fundamentally, good care and support should promote people’s wellbeing and help build stronger community links, not just for the few but for everybody. The new TLAP agreement is an opportunity to refocus on making this the norm, in all settings and for all people, all of the time.”

Our commitments
  • The Neurological Alliance will ensure that key messages and resources from TLAP relevant to our membership are actively disseminated through our networks.
  • The Neurological Alliance will strengthen its engagement with relevant TLAP activity on behalf of our members and into the next phase.
  • The Neurological Alliance will work with our members to share examples of what good, personalised care and support looks like through TLAP.

Further information
More about the agreement and work of the partnership can be found at the TLAP website

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