15th November 2008

Taking Control

The Taking Control Campaign, commissioned by the Neurological Alliance, Association of British Pharmaceutical Industries and Ask About Medicines, highlights the unmet information needs of people with a neurological condition.

Although relevant information exists, it is not getting into the hands of the people who need it most. The Taking Control report was launched on Wednesday 12 December 2007 with a high profile interview on BBC Breakfast television during which Karen Rose, a woman with Parkinson’s disease, explained how fuller, more timely information might have enabled her to live better with the condition.

Healthcare providers can bring about dramatic improvements and we are working to ensure that, as a minimum, people with a neurological condition can expect:

  1. To be treated by health professionals who attach priority to giving information to patients
  2. To leave the appointment at which their diagnosis is suggested or made with a date for a follow-up appointment and an information pack that will provide them with clear guidance to accessing the best possible care:
  3. To have a single, well-informed and accessible point of contact for ongoing information about their condition and treatment.

Since the launch, the campaign team have worked with a number of stakeholders to try to achieve the campaign objectives, including NHS Choices, the Royal College of Nursing and the Association of British Neurologists. This is a work programme which will continue into 2008-9.

Taking Control Campaign Video

Original Version – 10 minutes

Short Version – 5 minutes

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