29th April 2016

New neurology data packs launched

Public Health England’s and NHS England’s Rightcare programme has today released its new ‘neurology focus packs’ tailored to each individual clinical commissioning group (CCG). The new packs build on the 2016/17 Commissioning for value packs which were sent to each CCG earlier this year, identifying local opportunities for improving the value of services and delivering better patient outcomes.

The new neurology focus packs provide a range of statistical information on neurology services relevant to each local CCG area. The data is drawn from Public Health England’s Neurology Intelligence Network, which produces statistics and analysis on neurology services and outcomes.

Each CCG will receive its own individual focus pack with detailed information on neurology spend and activity, including breakdowns of spending on elective and non-elective admissions, and a range of condition-specific information on admissions rates. This data also contributes to an ‘opportunity table’ which identifies the best opportunities for improving value and outcomes locally, using comparable CCGs as a point of reference.

These packs are a great opportunity for CCGs to focus on delivering the biggest improvements in health outcomes and value of services for people living with neurological conditions. Arlene Willkie, CEO of the Neurological Alliance, said: “These new focus packs provide a fantastic resource to help CCGs understand and identify the key opportunities for improving neurology in their area. It is crucial that CCGs make use of this data to inform their strategic planning in future.”

For more information and links to the data packs, please see the Commissioning for Value website. To access the packs, follow the links to the different commissioning regions.

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