30th June 2016

Patient survey launch 2016

The Neurological Alliance has launched its second neurological patient experience survey. The survey is now open for responses and is available here.

The survey aims to collect vital information about the experiences of people affected by neurological conditions, including the quality of the treatment, care and support that they receive. It will help us to understand how much progress has been made in improving neurological services, and which areas to focus on for improvement.

The survey opened on June 30th and will remain open until September 30th and we welcome responses from anyone with a neurological condition living in England.

Note on data protection

All survey responses will be kept completely anonymous. Where the survey asks for postcode information, this is in order to identify the local area you live in for comparison purposes and to understand local variations. This data will be privately shared with Public Health England in order to map each response to your local area. After this is completed, all postcode information will be permanently deleted. Your postcode information will not be published or shared with anyone else.

All publicly shared information will be fully anonymised. We have provided an option in the survey for people to provide their contact details if they wish. If you chose to provide contact details, they will not be published or shared with anyone else. We will only contact you if you state in the survey that you are happy to be contacted, and we will not share this information with anyone. If you choose to be contacted and provide any further information, it will not be shared or published without your explicit consent.

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