23rd May 2017

Neurological Alliance Manifesto published

We have published our Manifesto 2017: a call to action for neurology. We set out five calls for improving neurology services, based on what thousands of patients with neurological conditions have told us about their current experiences of navigating through the health service.

We are asking all parliamentary candidates to help us address these key issues for the millions of neurology patients in England:
1. Access to specialist care must be:
• a reality for all people with neurological conditions, from diagnosis to the end of life
• available across all care settings – in the home, in the community and in hospital

2. Primary care professionals must:
• provide a timely referral or diagnosis for people with neurological conditions
• sign-post patients to condition-specific information where appropriate
• be aware of key signs and symptoms indicating a neurological condition
• be supported with adequate medical school and on-the-job training regarding neurological conditions

3. Research into new and better treatments for neurological conditions must:
• receive ring-fenced UK Government investment and leadership to match the burden and full spectrum of neurological conditions
• be encouraged as part of an environment that promotes clinical trials in the UK

4. Decisions around treatments for people with rare and complex condition must:
• be taken in consultation with patients, their carers and voluntary sector groups
• not result in restrictions or rationing based on cost alone
• be considered by Parliament before being implemented – any decisions to restrict the availability of NICE-approved treatments should be taken by democratically-elected politicians

5. Mental health needs of those with neurological conditions must:
• be given particular consideration in the design and delivery of services
• be prioritised as part of the focus on parity of esteem for people with long term conditions

Read and download the manifesto here.

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