29th June 2017

Going the Distance 2 - our new national calls to action to improve neurology services

The Neurological Alliance published a report called Going the Distance in 2014 examining the representation of neurology in the health and social care quality improvement system. A great deal has happened in the healthcare policy landscape since then and we have teamed up with a key Alliance member, Sue Ryder, to bring the report right up-date. Today we launch Going the Distance 2: National calls to action to improve neurology services in England.

In this report, we again examine neurology’s representation within the health and social care quality improvement system, applying six tests to assess how well it is set up to drive neurological service improvement. We also put forward some practical calls to action for adoption by the relevant stakeholders, including NHS England, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence and the recently established National Neuro Advisory Group.

This report, alongside our patient experience survey report from earlier this year, provides a solid basis for our work throughout the rest of the year. We intend to work with key stakeholders and use this report by:
• sharing it with influencers and decision makers and discussing adoption and implementation of the calls to action;
• supporting the relevant organisations in implementing our calls;
• using the six key tests to assess the progress of England’s neurological service improvement drive.

We would also like to work with those who have a shared interest in ensuring that service improvements can be delivered for the millions of patients in the UK living with a neurological condition. If your organisation would like to discuss the recommendations and calls to action in Going the Distance, please feel free to get in touch.

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