22nd August 2017

New data published on hospital activity for neurology

Today Public Health England’s Neurology Intelligence Network (NIN) has publishing updated data on hospital activity for neurology. The Hospital Activity Compendium is an important data resource which can be used by commissioners, analysts and other health professionals to ensure hospital services are meeting local need. The latest data shows hospital activity in 2016, and can be found on this link (under use of hospital services) https://www.gov.uk/guidance/neurology-data-and-analysis-a-guide-for-health-professionals

The collection and publication of accurate, consistent and regular data on neurological conditions, services and outcomes is critical to identifying areas for improvement and encouraging the spread of best practice among commissioners and providers. It also enables patients, carers and their representatives to play an active part in examining performance data and holding local areas to account. The work of the NIN has been significant in enabling effective scrutiny of performance and outcomes and the Neurological Alliance welcomes this latest data update.

The Neurological Alliance has been a member of the Neurology Intelligence Network (NIN) leadership group since its foundation in 2013. The lack of reliable data and intelligence on neurological services has been a longstanding issue which was noted by the PAC in its 2012 neurology review, finding that the lack of data meant that there was “no empirical baseline from which progress could be measured nationally or locally for health and social care, and the Department (of Health) has no way of assessing what resources and activities result in the best outcomes.” Since that recommendation was made there have been some important steps forward on data and intelligence for neurology services. The publication of the updated hospital activity is another positive development which will allow more scrutiny of the performance of neurology services in hospitals.

More information on the new data

This resource shows summary level data on hospital activity of people admitted with a neurological condition. It is for onward processing by analysts, policy makers, clinicians and commissioners in local authorities, commissioning group and charities involved in the provision of services for people with neurological conditions. Data extracts are from the Admitted Patient Care Hospital Episode Statistics. The condition groups reference is described at defining neurological conditions. This version of the compendium is a refresh of data with methodology change, in particular from CCG based on residence to CCG based on responsibility. The data can be further analysed in combination with GP registered populations available via NHS Digital: http://content.digital.nhs.uk/catalogue/PUB20480

The data tables for England show data for four financial years (2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15 and 2015/16):

• hospital admissions – numbers of admissions by neurological condition group
• emergency hospital admissions – numbers of emergency admissions by neurological condition group
• subsequent hospital episodes – finished episodes following an emergency admission by neurological condition group
• hospital discharges – all inpatient admissions, emergency admissions and emergency admissions under the care of a neurologist by neurological condition group and length of stay in hospital
• numbers in treatment – all admissions and new admissions by neurological condition group

The complimentary data tables for CCGs and STPs provide data in the same categories by geography and condition group. However, fewer data items are available and some of the tables are not shown by condition group due to small count numbers.

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