31st August 2018

The NHS long term plan - getting it right for neurology patients

Back in June, the Prime Minister set out a funding settlement for the NHS in England for the next five years. In return, the NHS has been asked to set out a long term plan for the NHS over the next decade.Today we publish a paper The long term plan for the NHS - getting it right for neurology patients setting out how the long term plan could support improvement in care for neurology patients.

in making the case for including neurology in the long term plan we draw upon newly available data highlighting the need for urgent action to address current failings in care:
  • The number of deaths in England relating to neurological disorders rose by 39% over 13 years, while deaths in the general population fell by 6% over the same period.
  • Deaths associated with a neurological condition are 35% more likely to be premature.
  • 19% of patients with a neurological condition had had an unplanned stay in hospital over the past year – this is twice the rate for all people with a long-term condition (9.8%)
  • From 2012/13 to 2015/16 there was a 10% increase in England in adult emergency hospital admissions with a neurological condition as the primary diagnosis on admission episode.

We have set out our proposals in three sections:
1. Prevention and neurology
2. Integrated and personalised care for people with neurological conditions
3. Neurology and the clinical priorities – with a focus on mental health.

In each section we set out the considerations for neurology patients and services, including detailed evidence about the issues and need for action. We then set out examples of interventions that will provide solutions and the benefits of these.

We hope this publication will be the start of a conversation with NHS England about how the long-term plan can support improvements that are urgently needed for neurology patients, but also how neurology could be a test bed for many of the new models of care and personalisation.

NHS England subsequently ran a formal consultaton on the long term plan during Septeber 2018. The Alliance responded to this consultation and you can read our response here.

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